Digital Evidence


E-Procedure: Evidence in Time of Increased Use of Technology and Digitalization

The International Nuremberg Principles Academy started this interdisciplinary research project in September 2018. With the continued advancement of information and communication technology, the increased usage and sophistication of digital evidence have become a topical issue, particularly with respect to criminal justice and human rights violation. New technologies are being developed to accurately document human rights abuses, such as eyewitness projects and different crisis mapping databases.

This has inevitably had an impact on usage of electronic evidence for trial purposes and judicial and quasi-judicial mechanisms on national, regional and international levels. The project aims to address digital evidence within the realm of the practical guidance and rules that can be used in day-to-day operations of judicial and quasi-judicial mechanisms. This includes but is not limited to the first international and permanent criminal court, the International Criminal Court.

A Concept Note has been drafted and shared with 15 international organizations and institutions in Europe and North America. The project continues in 2019.