Exploring Multiple Dimensions of the Acceptance of International Criminal Justice in the Post-Nuremberg Era


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy conducted an interdisciplinary research project on the acceptance of international criminal justice. This project aimed to develop comprehensive research tools for assessing and comparing levels of acceptance in different countries with critical situations and also for analyzing dimensions and factors that influence the acceptance of the institutions and outcomes of international criminal justice.

In 2015 the project research team developed a sound and systematic methodology, mapped the relevant existing studies and invited experienced academics and practitioners to discuss methodological and other issues which were to be addressed and assessed in relation to the acceptance or non-acceptance of international courts. 

For that purpose the Nuremberg Academy commissioned in-depth analyses of the acceptance situation in particular countries and in relation to the investigation and/or adjudication of particular situations by international courts. In addition, the International Academy supported universities and research institutions in countries with critical situations, so they could engage with professionals and practitioners in the field of peace and justice research, share knowledge and strengthen their capabilities for interdisciplinary research.