Acceptance of International Criminal Justice


The Acceptance study was the first interdisciplinary research project of the Nuremberg Academy which aimed to develop comprehensive research tools for assessing the acceptance of international criminal justice in different situation countries. The project reflected one of the main goals of the Nuremberg Academy, namely to contribute to the promotion of the universality, lawfulness and acceptance of international criminal justice. It also reflected the Nuremberg Academy’s concept of interdisciplinary research as an opening up to working together with Universities and research institutions in countries with critical situations, so that they can engage with professionals and practitioners in the field of peace and justice research. At the core of the project lay a fellowship program for young academics.

The project started with a preparatory phase in 2015, during which the project team conducted literature research and developed a methodology for studying “acceptance”. Experts from Colombia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya and Lebanon were consulted in writing reports on the acceptance of international criminal justice in their respective countries in addition to fieldwork contributions from young scholars from Cambodia, Croatia, DRC, Kenya, Kosovo, Nigeria, Serbia and Ukraine. 

Acceptance Platform


Jolana Makraiová