Worldwide training offers

Offering training on International Criminal Law and related human rights areas is a part of the mission of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy. It offers a broad range of training courses to selected groups of practitioners and academics. In addition it offers herewith an overview of courses and trainings on International Criminal Justice, International Humanitarian Law and Transitional Justice done by other institutions. All courses are available for the public. The data is not limited to Europe and North America or to English language course offerings.

In order to systematize the data collection and structure the data presentation, collected data was disaggregated in terms of 'Subject Matter', 'Designation' and 'Target Group'. In addition information is included on 'Organization/Institution', 'Name' and 'Webpage' to ease referencing and access to further information about courses and trainings.


Download Dittrich Mapping Survey 2015-2016