Acceptance of International Criminal Justice

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Acceptance Methodology

The acceptance assessment methodology provides basic guidance for scholars interested in researching the acceptance of international criminal justice in situation countries. It discusses possible approaches to operationalize the subject by exploring more in detail the relevant aspects of such a study (institutions, actors, context, and acceptance itself). The methodology document was developed by the core research team of the interdisciplinary research project in discussion with country experts, scholars in the field of international criminal justice and methodology. Earlier versions of the methodology served as a guidance to the exploratory projects conducted by junior scholars in their countries of origin and the feedback received in this process further refined the document.

This methodology consists of four components.  Importantly, they should not be considered as individual blocks in isolation to from each other, but always from the vantage point of if and how international criminal justice is accepted.  

1. Analysis of international criminal justice in form of tribunals, courts or laws 
2. Analysis of the various actor groups in the particular situation country 
3. Analysis of the country context 
4. Analysis of the acceptance of international criminal justice