Nuremberg Academy participated in Expert Workshop on Digital Evidence


Jolana Makraiová, Senior Officer for Interdisciplinary Research, participated in a two-day online expert workshop entitled ‘Online Expert Workshop on Digitally Derived Evidence’, organised by the Leiden University on 28 and 29 September 2020.

The expert workshop analysed guidelines that the university prepared in light of Leiden’s ongoing project on digital evidence. The project’s primary focus is on researching various evidence standards used at human rights investigations as well as by various international and domestic accountability fora. Based on this research work, the guidelines have been drafted. The expert workshop assessed, advanced and refined these guidelines and looked at their usefulness for practitioners.

Various pertinent issues and critical questions were raised in the engaging workshop while highlighting the complexities behind the ‘legal standard’ setting. The Nuremberg Academy’s digital evidence project has been precisely looking into this issue, with cluster C of the project. The Nuremberg Academy is appreciative that it could participate in the discussion and provide expertise on the matter, stressing the wider need for collaboration among the experts in the field to address the complex issues.