Complementarity Resource Center

Fair and Effective Investigation and Prosecution of International Crimes


Complementarity is one of the fundamental principles established in the Rome Statute and the cornerstone in shaping the relationship between national jurisdictions and the ICC. The Academy wants to serve as a resource center that collects inputs from practitioners and informs local and international stakeholders in both member and non-member states of the ICC about complementarity related issues.

This project is part of the Interdisciplinary Research Department of the Nuremberg Academy. It uses a rather broad definition of “complementarity” as a principle that takes into account common aims of both local and international actors in their commitment to ensure accountability for atrocious crimes.  The Nuremberg Academy will implement this project in cooperation with the Netherlands based Grotius Centre for International and Legal Studies. In its first two years the “complementarity” project is designed as a resource center that will collect inputs from local practitioners aiming at establishing itself in a near future as a complementary monitoring mechanism that looks at developments at country level versus overarching goals of international criminal justice mechanisms fighting impunity and preventing mass atrocities. The project focuses on countries with a track record of cooperation with the ICC and other international criminal justice institutions.

The Nuremberg Academy encourages interested practitioners and institutions to use the material for their research and educational purposes. Its content or parts of it may be freely quoted and reprinted, provided credit is given. For any inquiries please contact Kerry-Luise Prior.