Acceptance of International Criminal Justice

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The acceptance fellowship program

In 2015 and 2016, the International Nuremberg Principles Academy offered 15 "Acceptance Fellowships" in a "learning through exchange program". The 6-month long fellowships focused on interdisciplinary research assessing the acceptance of international criminal justice in situation countries.

The program was designated for early- to mid-career scholars and practitioners involved in research-related activities from the following countries: Bosnia Herzegovina, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Colombia, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia, Guinea, Honduras, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Palestine, Rwanda, Serbia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Uganda, and Ukraine; and other countries with experience and a justified research interest in the application of international criminal justice in (post-) conflict or armed conflict situations.

This program was part of the Academy’s interdisciplinary research department. It took place in Germany and the designated situation country. Its main purpose was to build capacities of emerging scholars and practitioners in situation countries.