Private Investigations in International Criminal Justice


Nuremberg Guidelines on Private Investigations

On 2 November 2018, the International Nuremberg Principles Academy together with the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law and the Commission for International Justice and Accountability held  an expert meeting to discuss the prospects of private investigations in international criminal justice.

The experts, practitioners and academics in the field of international criminal law concluded that the activities of organizations and individuals collecting, classifying and preserving evidence on international crimes are indispensable. They also agreed on the necessity of a guideline to instruct such activities and to address pressing issues in relation to the use of the information in judicial proceedings. Due to the importance of such activities for the establishment of accountability, the guideline will provide normative instructions for the practitioners gathering information that may serve future prosecutions at the international, regional and domestic level.

The Nuremberg Academy drafted an initial outline regarding different subject matters for the creation of the Nuremberg Guidelines on Private Investigations. The structure and content of the guidelines were created on the basis of the discussions and suggestions of the expert meeting as well as the background research conducted at the Nuremberg Academy.

Once the drafting process is completed, a second expert meeting is planned for 2019 to discuss and debate the final version of the Nuremberg Guidelines on Private Investigations.