Visit of Protestant Regional Bishop Elisabeth Hann von Weyhern and Local Protestant Deacons


Elisabeth Hann von Weyhern, the protestant regional bishop for Nuremberg, and a congregation of local Deacons from the Franconian region visited the International Nuremberg Principles Academy on 6 May 2024. Director Professor Dr Christoph Safferling welcomed the group and introduced the work of the Academy. Additionally, Project Officers Dr Emma Brandon, Anouk Julien and Dr Pauline Martini provided an overview of the Academy’s capacity strengthening, public discourse and research efforts, with a special focus on the upcoming Nuremberg Moot Court, Nuremberg Summer Academy for Young Professionals and the Nuremberg Forum. Other topics discussed included the history and future of the crime of aggression and the politics and challenges for international criminal law today. The group finished their visit with a tour of historic Courtroom 600. (eb)