Dr Moumita Mandal visited the Nuremberg Academy


On 7 July 2023, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Moumita Mandal, a Guest Scientist from the Max Planck Institute for Public International Law, to the Nuremberg Academy. Project Officer Alexander Fernandes-Köhler presented the Academy and its activities. During her visit, Dr Mandal expressed a keen interest in our mission, the historic significance of the Nuremberg trials and the enduring legacy upheld by the Academy. She was particularly interested in our projects addressing sexual and gender-based violence, given its relevance to her own work – the 2022 book: Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in International Law (Singapore: Springer Nature). The ensuing discussion underlined the crucial role in combating these pervasive violations by virtue of ensuring these acts are criminalised internationally. Another fascinating talking point surrounded the fact that while there are comparatively few female perpetrators, the crime must be recognised to be applicable to both genders equally.