International Criminal Law Lectures at the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio in Madrid


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy participated in academic activities of the Alfonso X el Sabio University in Madrid, from 16 to 18 April.

Senior Officer on International Criminal Law Eduardo Toledo was in charge of the module on International Criminal Law of the Master program in Dynamics of Cooperation, Conflict and Negotiation in International Relations and Diplomacy. This academic course created jointly with the Berg Institute in Madrid and the Human Rights Centre of the United Nations Mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) in San José de Costa Rica, combines a strong theoretical framework with a practical approach in order to prepare students for the realities of a future career in the field of international law and diplomacy.

On 18 April, Eduardo Toledo also gave a lecture to undergraduate law students. The introductory remarks were given by Dr. Joaquín González Ibáñez, Professor of International Public Law and International Relations. Mr. Toledo's intervention focused on the importance of the Nuremberg Principles for the evolution of the international criminal law system and the work of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy in relation to the promotion of peace through justice, and the advancement of international criminal law and human rights.