Dr. Viviane Dittrich gave Talk on Legacies of International Criminal Tribunals in Hong Kong


Dr. Viviane Dittrich, Deputy Director of the Nuremberg Academy, was invited to speak at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong, on 21 November. She gave a talk on the topic "From Nuremberg to Rome and 20 Years On: Legacies of International Criminal Tribunals" in the Faculty of Law Research Seminar Series.

The 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute provides a valedictory setting and underscores how important it is to engage in critical reflection and to theoretically accompany the contemporary political and legal developments and advances in international criminal law. Against the backdrop of the closure of the ad hoc tribunals and hybrid courts, Dr. Dittrich explained how the question of legacy has become increasingly topical at the international criminal tribunals. Her talk focused on elucidating the concept of legacy and tracing legacy formation, placing the interplay between continuity and discontinuity center stage. In this context, the talk also reflected on the Nuremberg legacies in light of the mandate and work of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy today