New Book Publication: "The Dispute" by Prof. Dr Christoph Safferling and Prof. Dr Friedrich Kiessling is now available


"The Dispute–How democracy came to Germany and how we need to revive it"

The challenges facing the rule of law and democracy in Germany are increasing. A look back at the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany and the crises of the past 75 years shows that our democracy is more stable than many pessimists would like to admit. Social cohesion during the stormy crises of recent years – financial crisis, refugee crisis, pandemic, Ukraine war – has proven to be resilient. And in a European comparison, it is striking that the radical parties can still be kept out of power in Germany. But the challenges are great and only through decisive political action, through a reform of the constitutional state, can Germany remain what it is: a liberal democracy. (dtv)

Please note: the book is only available in German language.

See book cover below.

Book presentation in Cologne: 26 March 2024
Book presentation in Munich: 15 April 2024
Book presentation in Nuremberg: 13 May 2024


Der Streitfall von Christoph Safferling und Friedrich Kiessling