Seminar on "Journalism and Trial Reporting"


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy and the Kosovo Specialist Chambers organized the seminar “Journalism and Trial Reporting” for journalists from Kosovo in Nuremberg, from 19 to 22 November 2018.

Journalism and criminal trial reporting are significant aspects of national and international outreach by the Court. The creation of a narrative about the facts under investigation is fundamental for informing the public about an ongoing trial. It is the responsibility of journalists to deliver the precise information to the public whilst maintaining impartiality. Therefore, it is necessary for them to familiarize with not only the subject matter of the trials, but also procedural regulations, fundamentals of international criminal law, respective parties to a trial, etc.

The seminar included three crucial modules that focus on basic elements of international criminal law, journalism and international criminal tribunals, and reporting on international criminal tribunals.

During the seminar, journalists from Kosovo interacted with international scholars, experts and practitioners from the fields of journalism and international criminal law; they shared their experiences and their knowledge on journalism and trial reporting. Therefore, the sessions were designed to enable the journalists to contribute to the discussions and included active sessions to allow them to increase their capacities in the production of materials for the media and press.