Intensive Course on Human Rights, International Criminal Law, and Transitional Justice in Kinshasa, DRC


Since 2019, the Nuremberg Academy contributes to the Cours intensifs sur les droits de l'homme, le droit international pénal et la justice transitionnelle (Intensive Courses on Human Rights, International Criminal Law, and Transitional Justice) organised by Le Club des amis du droit du Congo (CAD).

The 9th edition of this two-week intensive course took place from 9 to 20 August 2021 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The course was delivered by eminent professors, as well as national and international experts with the aim to build the capacity of legal practitioners, civil society actors, and law students in the country.

60 participants joined the program this year. Particular emphasis was placed on the implementation of transitional justice mechanisms in the DRC. The last day of the program, participants had the opportunity to watch the Nuremberg Academy’s documentary ‘Peace Through Justice – The Legacy of Thomas Buergenthal’ and engage in a discussion.

This project aims to address two recurring problems:

  • The lack of knowledge of law students and judicial and legal professionals related to theoretical and scientific aspects of human rights, international criminal justice, and transitional justice.
  • The difficulty, for legal professionals, to access information and updated knowledge about the current issues and challenges of human rights, international criminal law, and transitional justice.

The programme was supported by International Nuremberg Principles Academy, Switzerland, and the French Embassy in the DRC.