Successful Opening of I.G. Farben Exhibition at Nuremberg: Exploring Corporate Responsibility


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy is pleased to announce the successful opening of the exhibition "I.G. Farben and the Buna-Monowitz Concentration Camp: Business and Politics in National Socialism," held on 18 June 2024 in Courtroom 600. The opening was a resounding success, featuring insightful speeches from Dr Sara Berger, Professor Dr Christoph Safferling, Professor Dr Alexander Korb and Dr Thomas Eser. The event highlighted the critical role of the I.G. Farben cooperation during the Holocaust and their subsequent legal and societal reckonings.

This exhibition, supported financially by the Academy, provides a profound educational experience through historical photographs, survivor autobiographies and discussions on post-war justice. The exhibition will be open to the public until 29 September 2024.

Continuing our commitment to this important dialogue, the Academy will host a "finissage" on 17 September, featuring an expert discussion with the title "Corporate Criminal Responsibility, from I.G. Farben to Lafarge Syria." This event will explore the legacy of I.G. Farben and the evolving landscape of holding corporations accountable for international crimes in today's world. Join us as we delve deeper into the crucial topic of corporate responsibility and justice. (AK)

The exhibition of the Fritz Bauer Institute in Nuremberg is a cooperation between the Memorium Nuremberg Trials and the International Nuremberg Principles Academy.

The exhibition can be seen in Cube 600 at Fürther Straße 104 during the opening hours of the Memorium Nuremberg Trials. Admission is free.

Photo: Memorium Nuremberg Trials