Nuremberg Academy Side Event at the Fifteenth session of the Assembly of States Parties


On 23 November, 2016, the Nuremberg Academy hosted a side event at the Assembly of States Parties to unveil its first book, a volume of deterrence studies titled, Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The Deterrent Effect of International Criminal Tribunals. The side event consisted of a panel discussion that examined the conclusions and recommendations of the book, with an eye towards how the ICC and States Parties can undertake concrete steps both to deter crimes and to measure the impact of their actions taken.


Attendants of the side event following the discussions
The Director of the Nuremberg Academy, Klaus Rackwitz, introducing the panelists of the side event. From L to R: Prof. Mark Drumbl, Prof. Linda Carter, Jennifer Schense, Klaus Rackwitz, H.E Judge Bertram Schmitt, Dr. Guido Hildner and Christian Mahr