Visit from Judges and Academics from Brazil


A delegation consisting of military and civil judges as well as academics from Brazil visited the Nuremberg Academy on 5 December as part of a program promoted by the Judiciary and Military School of the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

Marian Yankson-Mensah, Project Officer introduced the mandate and work of the Nuremberg Academy and detailed prominent current challenges faced by the field of international criminal law, that are being addressed by the current projects of the Nuremberg Academy.

Eduardo Toledo, Senior Officer for International Criminal Law delivered a presentation on the IG Farben Case and spoke of the relevance and legacy of the case in recent latest developments, including the UN Guiding Principle on Business and Human Rights and recent prosecutions against Lundin executives in Sweden.

Kiran Mohandas Menon, Project Officer presented the “Refugees as potential witnesses of international crimes” project of the Nuremberg Academy and stressed the need for increasing better coherence and clarity regarding existing domestic international criminal law accountability mechanisms among social workers and other staff and volunteers who interact the most everyday with refugees.