The Faculty of Advocates visited the Nuremberg Academy


On 23 February 2024, the Scottish Faculty of Advocates visited the east building of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice for the purpose of knowing more about the mission of the Nuremberg Academy as well as its connection to the Nuremberg trials. Project Officer Dr Pablo Gavira Díaz provided for an overview of the realm of events and activities that the Academy performs in line with its broad mandate.

The group of 18 jurists showed great interest in the specifics of the International Military Tribunal and the Subsequent Proceedings under Control Council Law No. 10, which took place at the historic building where the premises of the Nuremberg Academy are located. Special emphasis was placed on the Nuremberg Principles and their significance today. Other topics, such as the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, the role of the International Criminal Court as well as the principle of universal jurisdiction, were the subject of a fruitful conversation among the participants. (pg)