The Nuremberg Academy co-organised an event on “Argentina, 1985”


On 3 June 2024, Project Officer Dr Pablo Gavira Díaz represented the Nuremberg Academy in a panel discussion revolving around the Trial of the Juntas in Argentina. The discussion was preceded by the screening of the movie “Argentina, 1985” (Santiago Mitre, 2022), which focuses on the difficulties in bringing the top leadership of the military Junta before a court of law.

Dr Gavira Díaz and Dr Daniel Stahl moderated the event, which counted also on the participation of Dr Laura Clérico (University of Buenos Aires; Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), Esteban Cuya (Nuremberg Human Rights Center) and Wolfgang Kaleck (European Center for Civil and Human Rights). The speakers provided for an overview of the influence that the Trial had on the Argentinian democracy, but also on European countries, namely Germany and Spain. (pg)