Meeting with Representatives of the U.S. Army


Deputy Director Dr. Viviane Dittrich and Director Klaus Rackwitz participated in a round table meeting with representatives of the United States Army and staff from the museums located in the city of Nuremberg on 18 August 2020. The idea to hold this meeting was brought forward by a private individual and was held at the Documentation Center Nazi party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg.

The U.S. Army is present in the area of Nuremberg in various locations such as Ansbach, Vilseck and Grafenwöhr. U.S. Army representatives from all the garrisons participated, including officers from the judicial branch of the U.S. Army, the Judge Advocate’s office. The audience comprised app. 25 U.S. Army representatives.

The Directors of the Academy presented the mandate and purpose of the Academy as well as recent projects and the various publications, which are available online at the Academy’s website. Regarding the Academy’s capacity building focus, the possibility of specific training for U.S. Army staff in international criminal and humanitarian law was offered during the presentation.

The dialogue was considered to be very constructive by all sides and will continue. As a next step, a visit of one of the sites of the U.S. Army by the staff of the Nuremberg Academy is envisaged.