Launch of Lexsitus 2.0. offering new Features including French Version


The online, open access e-learning platform Lexsitus has been released today in its second edition (Lexsitus 2.0.). Since its launch five years ago, Lexsitus has become a popular tool for the study of and support of work on international criminal law, with more than 1 million annual hits. The Nuremberg Academy and CILRAP are pleased to offer you this service and invite you to discover Lexsitus 2.0. now featuring also French, Arabic, Persian and Spanish services.

The spine of Lexsitus is based on the Statute and Rules of Procedure and Evidence (RPE) of the International Criminal Court. The users have free access to a videothek of 234 lectures on statutory provisions; a commentary on all provisions in the Statute and RPE; digests of case law on elements of crimes and means of proof; and preparatory works and case law services.

The French version of Lexsitus 2.0. has been realised thanks to the funding of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy, while the European Commission has facilitated the work on the French Elements Digest.

The Clinique de droit international pénal et humanitaire, Université Laval, Faculty of Law, with in-kind support from the Canadian Partnership for International Justice, was responsible for the translation. Laval’s French production team was led by Fannie Lafontaine, Érick Sullivan and Virginie Lefèbvre, and was comprised of Clinic members.