Presentation by Deputy Director Dr. Viviane Dittrich at the Nuremberg Human Rights Center


On 29 April, Dr. Viviane Dittrich was invited to the Nuremberg Human Rights Center to give a talk about the current projects and activities of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy. She presented the main conferences and events, capacity building activities, key publications, and recent and new research projects of the Academy. Following the formal presentation, the participants engaged in a lively discussion on contemporary developments in international criminal justice, the interplay between law and politics, possible synergies between international criminal law and human rights, and the role of courts and tribunals in wider transitional justice processes.

The Nuremberg Human Rights Center, an independent non-profit organization based in Nuremberg and founded in 1989, serves as an information center, provides a space for dialogue and exchange,
offers expertise and advice on policy matters, and engages in human rights education.