Webinar for Ukrainian Judges


The Nuremberg Academy and the National School of Judges of Ukraine co-organised on 22 November 2023 a pivotal webinar focusing on the adjudication of war crimes in Ukraine and Germany. Distinguished speakers included German judges from the Federal Court of Justice and the Higher Regional Court of Munich, along with Ukrainian judges from the City Court of Dnipro Region and the Kyiv District Court of Kharkiv. The event, attended by 20 Ukrainian judges, is significant especially against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The online exchange delved into the unique challenges faced by German courts, particularly in dealing with international crimes under the principle of universal jurisdiction and national security matters such as terrorism and espionage. Noteworthy discussions revolved around the role of these courts, appellate proceedings and recent cases involving German nationals who joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The Ukrainian judges shared valuable insights into current legislative changes, emphasising hurdles in restoring legal proceedings, addressing fair trial standards and incorporating technology for efficient trials.

Professor Dr Christoph Safferling, Director of the Nuremberg Academy, and Ms Nataliia Shuklina, Acting Rector of the National School of Judges, highlighted the crucial importance of sharing experiences and knowledge between the two legal systems in the pursuit of justice for war crimes and other international crimes. (ds)