Webinar on International Moot Court Competitions with Shahed University in Iran


On 3 November 2023, Project Officer Dr Emma Brandon participated as keynote speaker in an online webinar with the Law Association of Shahed University in Tehran, Iran. The webinar was hosted by Shahed University law student Mahdi Ghasemi. It focused on international moot court competitions in general and the Nuremberg Moot Court specifically.

The webinar delved into five topics regarding moot court competitions: the academic and professional approach to moot court competitions, the relevance for law students, moot court competition preparation, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and whether awareness of global changes and international criminal law news is essential for moot court competitions. The ensuing discussion demonstrated the students’ profound interest in international moot court competitions and in the role of AI in international criminal law.

The webinar was recorded and will be posted on LinkedIn by the organisers. A teaser clip has been posted by them here.