Strengthening Domestic Capacity to Prosecute International and Transnational Crimes in Africa


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy, in cooperation with the Asser Institute and the Antonio Cassese Initiative, organised a seminar entitled “Strengthening Domestic Capacity to Prosecute and Adjudicate International and Transnational Crimes in Africa”. This was the fourth cycle of workshops organised since 2018.

This new cycle of workshops sought to further address the capacity gaps in the investigation and prosecution of international and transnational crimes in Francophone African countries. Participants were exposed to various topics including elements of international and transnational crimes, investigation planning and management of complex cases and cooperation.

The 2023 programme was unique because of its hybrid format – a combination of synchronised and asynchronised learning and in-person training. The asynchronised phase took place between March and May 2023. Two online workshops, held in May and June, formed the synchronised phase of the training cycle.

Subsequently, 20 prosecutors from Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo and Niger travelled to The Hague from 3 to 7 July for an in-person training where they engaged in further group work and discussions with experienced international experts.