Training for social workers in Aachen on guidance on refugees as potential witnesses of international crimes


The Nuremberg Academy, represented by Dr Gurgen Petrossian, presented on 15 December 2023, as part of the educational series of the Municipal Integration Management of the City of Aachen, the guidelines for social work and support for refugees as potential witnesses of international crimes.

The first part of the event commenced with the presentation "Survivors on the Run, Searching for Hope" by Burhan Ali and Jamal Darwisch. Subsequently, Dr Gurgen Petrossian outlined the fundamentals of international law and the development of international criminal law, placing particular emphasis on the relevant legal characteristics of international crimes. Simon Meisenberg discussed the issues of jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

In the second part, the focus was on social exchange and the experiential foundation of social workers, based on the guidelines of the Nuremberg Academy. Here, daily work experiences in the field of social work were shared.

The Nuremberg Academy continues its efforts to collaborate closely with relevant authorities and stakeholders to promote awareness and further develop cooperation in this context. (gp)