Sexual Crimes in Conflict Database



The Nuremberg Academy is pleased to announce the launch of its "Sexual Crimes in Conflict Database", a unique online tool that allows users to research case law and literature addressing conflict-related sexual violence.

The Database combines a broad collection of relevant jurisprudence from international, hybrid, regional and national courts together with findings from other transitional justice mechanisms, such as commissions of inquiry and truth commissions. Recognizing the role of academic literature in offering an enhanced understanding and critique of the treatment of conflict-related sexual violence, the Database also provides users with a collection of relevant literature, including research publications, working papers, official or policy related documents, and NGO reports.

Given the wide-spanning national and international jurisprudence and literature collected and made accessible in a user-friendly and searchable manner, the Database can be used by practitioners, policy makers, researchers, students, activists and others, whether they seek to identify cases dealing with particular sexual violence issues or to understand general trends and approaches to conflict-related sexual violence at both the international and national level. The Database will be continuously updated.

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