Visit by a Delegation of East African Jurists


A delegation of high-ranking judges and jurists from East African countries visited the International Nuremberg Principles Academy on 28 March. The mission was organized by Dialogue Program of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Among the participants were representatives from the Kenyan Court of Appeal and Zambian High Court as well as the former president of the Uganda Law Society.

Director Klaus Rackwitz presented the Academy and its work to the judicial experts, highlighting the Projects and activities of the current work plan. The experts were particularly interested in the Academy’s engagement in capacity building and in the applied research undertaken by the Academy. In a subsequent discussion, contemporary issues of international criminal law and justice were discussed, among them the current perception of the International Criminal Court and the discourse on immunity for sitting heads of states. All participants agreed on the need for a continued and increased dialogue and the unchanged importance of the fight against impunity.