The Nuremberg Academy Presented the Report on the Length of Proceedings at the International Criminal Court at the Bundestag


On 12 October 2023, the report on the length of proceedings at the International Criminal Court (ICC) was presented at an event organised by the Foreign Office in the Bundestag. This report was prepared in accordance with the 2018 Bundestag resolution aimed at strengthening the ICC and sought to examine the factors leading to lengthy proceedings at the ICC. Minister of State Katja Keul welcomed the results of the report, which indicated that the examined proceedings were not unreasonably lengthy in terms of their duration but could still be accelerated through certain measures based on the existing ICC Statute.

Director Professor Dr Christoph Safferling presented the methodology and the results of the report. These were subsequently discussed individually by Judge at the ICC, Professor Bertram Schmitt. This discussion highlighted issues regarding the complexity of proceedings at the ICC, the Document Containing Charges and the procedures for presenting evidence by the prosecution and the defence. It was emphasised that victim participation in ICC proceedings was deemed appropriate and the oral nature of the proceedings played a crucial role in expediting them. The importance of the practice manual was underscored, along with the challenges related to its binding nature.

Following the presentations, these matters were discussed with members of the Bundestag.

The results of this study were also presented in December 2022 at the side event on the length of proceedings at the ICC during the 21st Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute.

Photo Credit: Zumbansen