Nuremberg Forum 2018 Conference Report Now Available


The Nuremberg Academy has published the Nuremberg Forum 2018 conference report entitled ‘20th Anniversary of the Rome Statute: Law, Justice and Politics’, which is available for download on the website of the Nuremberg Academy.

This comprehensive publication is based on the high-level discussions of the Nuremberg Forum 2018, the fourth annual conference of the Nuremberg Academy that commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute. More than 150 participants attended the conference, and 35 leading experts contributed as speakers, including experts who participated in the Rome conference and led the way toward shaping the current Rome Statute, and thus the setup of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The experts critically evaluated the past two decades while looking at the next 20 years in terms of practice and the ever-changing landscape in international criminal law. In light of the carefully chosen focus on ‘Law, Justice, and Politics’, the goal of the conference was to critically examine pertinent issues with regard to the functioning of the ICC, the first permanent court, through the lens of the past, present, and future.

The report highlights these pertinent issues and aims to capture the developments of the past 20 years and feasible practical steps that could be considered for the future. Each discussion summary is concluded by three key aspects for further consideration and debate. This concerns the following topics:

  • Making of the Rome Statute
  • Case selection
  • Length of the proceedings
  • Victims’ participation and reparation
  • Exercise of jurisdiction and complementarity
  • State engagement and disengagement
  • The ICC within the next 20 years

The report is drafted with a range of readers in mind, including experts from various fields, practitioners and academics, in line with the Nuremberg Academy’s mandate to encourage the promotion of sustainable peace through justice via scholarship, research, and capacity building.

Download the report here.