Visit by US-American Law Students


On 16 March 2022, after almost two years of closure of the Nuremberg Academy for visitors – necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic – Director Klaus Rackwitz welcomed a group of law students from DePaul University, Chicago, where the legendary Cherif Bassiouni founded the International Human Rights Law Institute. The group of students and their professors were the first visiting the Academy in its new premises in the East Wing of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice.

Director Klaus Rackwitz presented the Academy and its work and the link to the Nuremberg Principles to the students. The subsequent discussion addressed questions on tackling injustice through legal processes, the importance of capacity building and the continued relevance of the Nuremberg Principles as an undisputed fundament of modern international criminal law. Specific subjects were, amongst others, the current situation in Ukraine and the persistent reluctance of large and powerful countries to accede to the Rome Statute.