Sexual Crimes in Conflict Database


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy is pleased to announce the release of an updated and reviewed version of the Sexual Crimes in Conflict Database. The database now contains more than 730 entries of relevant case-law and literature on conflict-related sexual violence. The database is fully accessible online on the Nuremberg Academy website.

The Sexual Crimes in Conflict Database is a unique tool for finding relevant information and conducting research on conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). It combines entries on relevant jurisprudence from international, hybrid, regional and national courts with literature entries based on a broad collection of books, journal articles and other literature. The database also provides information on the relevant findings from commissions of inquiry, truth commissions and other transitional justice mechanisms. Relevant areas of focus include gaps in jurisprudence, obstacles to establishing accountability, negative impacts of prosecution, means of prevention as well as training materials dealing with investigation and prosecution. A previous version of the database was launched in 2016. To access the database, click here.