International Criminal Law Summer Academy for Young Professionals


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy hosted young scholars at the beginning of their careers from countries currently experiencing or likely to experience challenges in the field of accountability for international crimes. The young academics joined other participants - young prosecutors, judges and investigating magistrates from different conflict and post-conflict countries.

The Summer Academy provides participants an opportunity to acquire or deepen their knowledge of substantive and procedural aspects of international criminal law. With the facilitation of leading experts and practitioners, participants will also acquire practical knowledge on all aspects relating to the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of core international crimes and get an introduction to transnational crimes.

The Summer Academy is part of the Nuremberg Academy’s mandate to promote scholarship and education through specially tailored training programs that aim at building capacities at the national level to investigate and prosecute these crimes.

Program is available for download below.


Program International Criminal Law Summer Academy for Young Professionals