Nuremberg Moot Court 2017


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy and the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg presented the annual Nuremberg Moot Court, which took place on 26-29 July 2017.

The Nuremberg Moot Court invited participants from across the globe to argue a fictitious international criminal law case before the "International Criminal Court". Dissecting both complex procedural and substantive issues of international criminal law, students were given the opportunity to apply and develop their skills and moot inside the iconic Courtroom 600. The unique location of Nuremberg allows students to practice international criminal law at its very birthplace, offering a historical educational experience. The organizers coordinated with highly esteemed professionals in the field, such as judges, academics and other practitioners, to sit on the moot court panels.

Overview of Results of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017:

1st Place: Strathmore University, Kenya
2nd Place: National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine

Best overall speakers:
Cindy Yvette Wakio (Strathmore University)
Anastasiia Yermolenko (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy)


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The winners from Strathmore University, Kenya, with Judge Prof. Bertram Schmitt, Klaus Rackwitz and Prof. Christoph Safferling
Participants of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017
Strathmore University, Kenya, winner of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017
Best Overall Speakers: Cindy Yvette Wakio, Strathmore University, and Anastasiia Yermalenko, University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
The prize for the best written memoranda for the Prosecution went to the Philipps University Marburg, Germany
Geneva Academy, Switzerland, received the price for the best written memoranda for Defense.
Preparation for opening ceremony
Students registering at the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017
On behalf of the Higher Regional Court, Judge Waltraud Bayerlein welcomed the participants.
Bavarian State Minister of Justice Dr. Winfried Bausback addressing the audience.
Klaus Rackwitz, Director of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy
Professor Christoph Safferling speaking on behalf of the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)
The opening ceremony took place at the historic Courtroom 600.
Kazan Federal University, Russia, delivering its rebuttal.
Judges Manfred Dauster and Mirka Möldner
André Klip, Anita Ušacka and Peter Kremer as Judges at the Preliminary Rounds
Student from Serbia presenting his pleading as Prosecution.
Judges Goldah Nakesa Matete and Professor Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov
York University, Canada
Yerevan State University, Armenia, pleading as Prosecution
Judges Ines Peterson and Eduardo Toledo
All teams had the possibility to listen to the pleadings of their fellow participants.
Judge Stefan Waespi
Judge Nobuo Hayashi
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, as Prosecution
Judges Gennady Esakov, Ines Peterson and Christoph Barthe
A student from Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, speaking for the Prosecution
Jagiellonian University, Poland
National University of Singapore
Western Sydney University, Australia pleading as Prosecution
Creighton University School of Law, USA
University of Lisbon, Portugal
Queen's University of Belfast, UK
University of Rwanda
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Students had the possibility to plead in the historic Courtroom 600.
Judges Christoph Barthe, Joanna Korner and Markus Krajewsky
Singapore Management University as Prosecution
Pleading at the birthplace of International Criminal Law was a unique experience for the participants.
Geneva Academy, Switzerland
Peking University, China, pleading at Courtroom 600
Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brazil
Media were interested in the students‘ mooting experience.
Judge Manfred Dauster
Peking University, China and Strathmore University, Kenya
Sastra University, India, acting as Prosecution
University of Lagos, Nigeria
Judge Christopher Gosnell
Learning from experts, judges giving feedback
Judges Franziska Oehm, Chrisoph Safferling and Nobuo Hayashi
FAU's President Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger opening the finals of the Nuremberg Moot 2017
The final round was presided by ICC Judge Bertram Schmitt, member of the Nuremberg Academy’s Advisory Council.
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine, in the role of Prosecution at the final
Congratulations to the winning team from Strathmore University, Kenya.
Bertram Schmitt giving the closing remarks.
Judges of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017
Dr. Siegfried Grillmeyer, representing the Caritas-Pirckheimer-Haus, partner of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017
Elke Gabsteiger, representing the nh Hotels, partner of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017
Dr. Benedikt Salleck, representing Salleck + Partner, partner of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017
Sabine Schenk-Schäfer, representing the Kolpinghaus Nürnberg e.V., partner of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017