Résidences Adamas - Château de Goutelas en France


Between 11 and 19 September 2021, the Château de Goutelas, in partnership with the International Nuremberg Principles Academy, the French Conseil constitutionnel, the Association Internationale de Droit Economique and the Mission de recherche Droit et Justice, opened the first European residency program for legal researchers, called the "Résidences Adamas".

Inspired by artist residencies, Residences Adamas aims to:

  • provide an exceptional working environment and allow residents to establish links with other young lawyers, designers, and researchers
  • facilitate meetings between researchers and practitioners in different areas of law
  • foster debate about the place of legal humanism, particularly in the fields of constitutional, international, criminal, or economic law
  • contribute to the clarification of the relationship between legal humanism and major contemporary social issues (new technologies, environment, demography, migration, work, health, etc.)
  • develop the Bibliothèque des humanismes (Humanism Library) project initiated at the Château de Goutelas.

The four partners awarded prizes to four researchers to participate in the programme. Aude Brejon was awarded the 2021 Research Prize of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy. Read more about Aude Brejon in her CV below.

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For more information on the Résidences Adamas, please take a look at the pdf below.

©Photo: Pascal Champeix