Nuremberg Summer Academy 2015


The Nuremberg Summer Academy was held in Nuremberg, Germany, from 3–15 August, 2015. 24 students chosen from countries facing challenges of how to deal with current and past atrocities participated in the course. The participants came from DRC, Georgia, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Rwanda, Serbia, Uganda and Ukraine.

The Summer Academy explored various topics in international criminal law and transitional justice. The students of International Law who benefited from the scholarships spent two weeks in Germany exploring the scope of international criminal law, the impact of the Holocaust on international law, Germany’s coming to terms with its past and reconciliation efforts and the prosecution of war criminals, perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity.

The program included visiting professors who delivered lectures and practitioners in the field of International (Criminal) Law speaking about their work. Integral to the classroom experience are several field trips guided by the Nuremberg Academy to the Nazi Party Rally Grounds, the Memorium Nuremberg Trials, and the Federal Constitutional Court and the General Attorney’s office in Karlsruhe. The program was developed by Professor Beth Van Schaack and Professor Dapo Akande. Responsible course director at the Nuremberg Summer Academy was Professor Dapo Akande.

The students benefit from the law they study in their textbooks and experiencing the practical aspects of practicing international law. The Nuremberg Summer Academy’s goal is to offer a diversified program of lectures and workshops.