Save the Date: Nuremberg Forum 2021 “The Fight against Impunity since 1950: Living up to the Nuremberg Principles?”


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy planned to dedicate its Nuremberg Forum 2020 to the subject of “The Fight against Impunity since 1950: Living up to the Nuremberg Principles?”. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related security measures, the conference had to be canceled for October 2020. Given the importance of the topic, the Nuremberg Academy has decided to keep this subject matter for its annual conference in October 2021.

The Nuremberg Forum 2021, that will take place on 15 and 16 October 2021, will address the concepts that are connected with the Nuremberg Principles. The core question for this high-level conference is to assess whether the international community has been living up to the standard set out by the Nuremberg Principles, and what challenges, if any, persist in terms of strengthening the common fight for justice and the fight against impunity.

The discussions will focus on incongruencies between theory and practice and rooms for improvement and furtherance of ICL. The conference brings together various expertise and discusses questions of legal substance, normative origins, practical approaches, and overall workability and practice orientation in order to foster complementarity of approaches and addressing of challenges in the common fight against impunity.

The guiding questions for the Nuremberg Forum 2021 are the following:

  • What is the legal framework envisaged in 1950 and subsequently developed for ‘the fight against impunity’? What are its key indicators?
  • With regards to core international crimes, is the legal framework addressing all the grave breaches of international law that are threatening peace and security?
  • How is the legal framework ensuring that the response to core international crimes is fair yet effective?
  • What are the next (ideal) steps that can bolster the fight against impunity in line with the Nuremberg Principles?

The conference will be particularly relevant to experts, professionals, and students interested in international criminal justice, international criminal law, political and social science, and will have a focus both on academia as well as practice. We would like to especially invite young scholars, lawyers, and practitioners to join our discussion.

The Nuremberg Forum is the major annual international conference organized by the Nuremberg Academy, bringing together leading scholars, practitioners, policy makers, and civil society, and providing a forum for dialogue and critical exchange on contemporary and ICL matters. Located in Nuremberg, the birthplace of modern international criminal law, the Nuremberg Academy offers a neutral space for the necessary dialogue on the development of international criminal law and the implementation and interpretation of the Nuremberg Principles today.