Expert Discussion on Corporate Criminal Responsibility


We are pleased to invite you to the event "Corporate Criminal Responsibility, from I.G. Farben to Lafarge Syria" on 17 September 2024. The expert discussion is part of the finissage of the temporary exhibition “I.G. Farben and the Buna-Monowitz concentration camp”, by the Fritz Bauer Institute at the Memorium Nuremberg Trials. It will delve into the evolution and implications of holding corporations accountable for their involvement in international crimes.

By examining historical cases like I.G. Farben's complicity in the Holocaust and juxtaposing them with contemporary instances such as Lafarge's support of armed groups in Syria, this event highlights the persistent and critical issue of corporate criminal responsibility. The event underscores the ongoing legal and ethical challenges in prosecuting corporations alongside individuals for crimes against humanity. It reflects on the precedents set by the Nuremberg Trials, which primarily focused on individual accountability and explores the modern landscape where corporations wield significant influence and can greatly impact human rights and conflict dynamics. Our goal is to foster dialogue on the necessity of robust legal frameworks to ensure justice and accountability in an increasingly globalised world.

The event will start with an optional one-hour tour of the exhibition in Cube 600 at 4.30 pm, presented in German. The expert discussion will follow at 5.30 pm in Courtroom 600 of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice, conducted in English. The entrance is free without prior registration. No registration is needed to attend.


Photo: I.G. Farben's plant, near Auschwitz, Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-2007-0058 / CC-BY-SA 3.0