Workshop with Journalists


At a one-week media workshop in October 2012, journalists from State Parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC received on-the-job training from specialized media coaches.

"To sharpen awareness on issues of international justice, we need well informed and professionally trained local journalists who can inform the concerned population about the goals and the procedure of the International Criminal Court," said journalist Bettina Ambach, Director of the Wayamo Foundation, after the first media training sessions were held in Nuremberg.

"In Nuremberg, I came to understand the origins of international criminal law. It also became clear to me how important it is to remember crimes against human rights – and how necessary it is to deal with them," confirms radio journalist Judie Kaberia, from Kenya.

"Attending the media workshop has changed a lot for me professionally: I am now the ICC specialist at the editorial department of the daily newspaper where I work. I can now report knowledgeably and objectively about international law," adds Felix Olick, a journalist at the Standard newspaper in Kenya.