Screening of the documentary "Peace Through Justice – The Legacy of Thomas Buergenthal"


Each year, the city of Nuremberg organises a weekend full of guided tours called "Stadt(ver)führungen". The programme offers the opportunity to get to know Nuremberg and Fürth from different perspectives. Well-known personalities, artists, institutions, non-profit organizations, city guides and people with special interests give insights into unknown or normally restricted places with more than 500 guided tours, enable contact to familiar faces of the city society or examine historical, current, fascinating and entertaining topics of the current annual theme.

On 18 September 2021, the Nuremberg Academy screened the documentary "Peace Through Justice – The Legacy of Thomas Buergenthal" in its premises in Nuremberg. The screening was followed by a discussion between the Director of the Academy, Klaus Rackwitz and the two members of the German Social Democratic Party, Gabriela Heinrich and Dr. Anja Prölß-Kammerer on the life and relevance of Thomas Buergenthal.

As a Holocaust survivor and jurist, Judge Buergenthal has been a tireless champion for the principle that governments and individuals must be held accountable under international law for human rights violations. The film shows the extraordinary life of Judge Buergenthal and his influence on global efforts to educate and empower a new generation of lawyers to seek justice for victims and survivors and accountability for perpetrators.

The documentary by Ilona Kalmbach and Sabine Jainski (competent filmproduktion) presents the life and legacy of Judge Thomas Buergenthal, Honorary President of the Advisory Council of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy.The documentary has been realized with the kind support of the Zukunftsstiftung der Sparkasse Nürnberg.