Workshop on Islam and International Criminal Justice


Partly in response to a growing focus on crimes committed in multiple conflicts in the Islamic world, and the debate on the politics of international justice that entangles multiple themes, the International Nuremberg Principles Academy  convened a conference of experts (Islamologists and international criminal lawyers ) to deliberate on the theoretical and practical concerns related to accountability for core international crimes in the Muslim world, including ISIS (Syria, Iraq), Libya, Syria.

In addition, the conference explored the experience of Muslim Minorities subject to atrocities that are currently being reckoned with or have been within the ICTY and the ECCC. On themes, experts discussed the universality and acceptance of international criminal justice in these settings, as well as the appropriateness and role of local and global institutions designed to establish accountability for atrocity crimes. In addition, the moral, philosophical and political justifications for, and challenges relating to the mounting of prosecutions for these crimes was debated.

In the final session, these leading scholars and practitioners agreed to write a series of essays that will appear in an edited volume that will be published by the academy in 2017. It is hoped that this will become a seminal study on the question of accountability for international crimes in the Islamic world.