Joint Training on the Investigation and Prosecution of Core International Crimes


The International Nuremberg Principles Academy hosted the “Joint Training on the Investigation and Prosecution of Core International Crimes”, organised by the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) and the Genocide Network Secretariat (GNS), in Nuremberg, Germany, from 22 to 24 June 2022.

The training targeted judges and prosecutors from all EU Member States, particularly those dealing or likely to deal with the prosecution and trial of complex cross-border and/or international offences.

The learning outcomes of this training included

  • Improved understanding of substantive international criminal law, as well as of the most relevant international and national jurisprudence therein,
  • Advanced understanding of criminal liability in this field,
  • Comprehension of the impacts of refugees on the investigation and prosecution of international crimes in Europe,
  • Knowledge of the practical issues involved in building a case on core international crimes and the ensuing evidentiary challenges, and
  • Practical knowledge of the instruments of judicial cooperation within the EU and of the applicable international treaties.

This introductory training combined lectures with plenary debriefings aimed at improving the participants’ practical skills.

This training provided participants with the opportunity to learn more about the legal systems and investigative approaches of their colleagues in different EU Member States and served as a platform for the exchange of best practices on the management of complex cases.