Films, Photos, Social Media – Evidence in International Criminal Proceedings over the Course of Time


From the first use of films at the Nuremberg trials to Facebook posts at indictments in The Hague to photos of "Caesar" at the Koblenz trials – Dr Pablo Gavira Dìaz (Nuremberg Academy), Professor Christoph Safferling (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg) and Rebecca Weiß (Memorium Nuremberg Trials) offered an exciting foray through the development of digital evidence in trials under international criminal law.

This event in German language took place, as part of the “Stadt(ver)führungen 2022, at Courtroom 600 in the Nuremberg Palace of Justice on 17 September 2022.

Each year, the city of Nuremberg organises a weekend full of guided tours called "Stadt(ver)führungen". The programme offers the opportunity to get to know Nuremberg and Fürth from different perspectives. Well-known personalities, artists, institutions, non-profit organisations, city guides and people with special interests give insights into unknown or normally restricted places with more than 500 guided tours, enable contact to familiar faces of the city society or examine historical, current, fascinating and entertaining topics of the current annual theme.