The International Nuremberg Principles Academy (Nuremberg Academy) is a foundation dedicated to the advancement of international criminal law. Located in Nuremberg, Germany – the birthplace of modern international criminal law – it is conceived as a forum for the discussion of contemporary issues in the field.

The mission of the Nuremberg Academy is to promote the legitimacy, legality and acceptance of international criminal law and its application around the world. Its main fields of activity include interdisciplinary research, trainings and consultant services tailored to specific target groups, as well as human rights education. Special focus is placed on cooperation with countries and societies facing challenges related to international criminal law. The German Foreign Office, the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Nuremberg founded the Nuremberg Academy in November 2014.

The Nuremberg Principles

The United Nations later declared the central legal principles of the Nuremberg Trials, the so-called "Nuremberg Principles", to be part of the general principles of international criminal law. By doing so, the international community for the first time established as a universal principle that international crimes against humanity and other most serious crimes should not go unpunished, and that no person should be above the law. The Nuremberg Trials and the Nuremberg Principles thus formed the basis of modern international criminal law. The Foundation's aim is to advance this legacy.

Nuremberg Academy News

The International Nuremberg Principles Academy will hold its Official Opening Event "Accountability and the Nuremberg Principles - 70 years after the Nuremberg Trials" on June 6th-7th 2015.
More detailed information on the event will be available here soon.

The Nuremberg Academy is currently seeking to recruit a Head of Department for its Human Rights Education. Please find the complete job opening below.
Job Opening Human Rights Education (PDF file, 131 KB)

The International Nuremberg Principles Academy is seeking to recruit an outstanding research coordinator in the field of ICL to develop and coordinate its work program. For details of the opening, please see below.
Job Opening Researcher ICL (PDF file, 131 KB)

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